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A Serendipitous Encounter

This is the first post in 2018! I couldn't believe it! Well, where shall we start? There is this one story I would like to share. It happened just last week. I have not shared about this with anyone yet. But I will to you! So, last Saturday was the day when I still worried especially about my school stuff, but I decided to go out for a personal photo hunting session. I brought all my school stuff in my phone - in case if I have the mood to prepare for my presentation next week. But no. I knew I wouldn't. So I walked from my house to Dhoby Ghaut area. The walking itself took me about one hour, but I had lunch on the way to the destination, so I spent more than an hour to reach there. I was so happy that on the way to Dhoby Ghaut, I learned some stuff about my camera. Yes, I am unfamiliar with this thing, so... After I was happy with the pictures I took in Dhoby Ghaut (this area doesn't have many good objects but my purpose is to practice myself wi