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Happy New Year!!

It's been a loooong, looong time. Again, I finally got the time to sit and write peacefully. I own the whole daytime! Unlike what I do usually. Today, on my day-off, I'm rolling on my bed like almost the whole day! Usually, I will spend it going out with friends or maybe just myself, but today, let me just snuggling up here on my lovely bed  ♥ Since I start working, too many things have happened in my life. I can't even tell the whole story. I don't know where I should start. And by the way, it's 2017 now. I really feel time flies so fast. Here are some things I knew more about myself: - I keep on focusing how busy my life is, instead of how I should focus on the little things I've done. - I punish myself a lot. - I do love books, but - No matter how interesting the book is, I will fell asleep slowly when I read (maybe because I always read on bed, or near bed) - I feel weird when everything goes very smooth. - I'm a loner, yet sociable.