Happy New Year!!

It's been a loooong, looong time. Again, I finally got the time to sit and write peacefully. I own the whole daytime! Unlike what I do usually. Today, on my day-off, I'm rolling on my bed like almost the whole day! Usually, I will spend it going out with friends or maybe just myself, but today, let me just snuggling up here on my lovely bed 

Since I start working, too many things have happened in my life. I can't even tell the whole story. I don't know where I should start. And by the way, it's 2017 now. I really feel time flies so fast. Here are some things I knew more about myself:

- I keep on focusing how busy my life is, instead of how I should focus on the little things I've done.
- I punish myself a lot.
- I do love books, but
- No matter how interesting the book is, I will fell asleep slowly when I read (maybe because I always read on bed, or near bed)
- I feel weird when everything goes very smooth.
- I'm a loner, yet sociable.

And some more, bro. I just think that it'll be better if I don't talk about it too much. It will bring even more embarrassment for myself!

The point is, by understanding yourself better, you can make a better decision for yourself. In this new year, I don't want the old me keep sticking around with me. I'm gonna make this year, and years ahead fantastic as it should be.

Thanks to everyone I've met in 2016, and whatever has happened during the year. I'm totally glad I've met you all. Looking forward to the blessings I'm gonna receive this 2017!


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