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9 Things I Learned in 2018

Hi there! This is going to be my last post this year :) After writing and rewriting some drafts, I decided to make this as my last post in 2018. I hope everyone will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! So, here are 9 things I learned in 2018: Thoughts are thoughts. And I should be the observer of my own mind. Especially those irrational thoughts and fears. They're definitely the products of my brain and I should be in control of it. Sleep is super important. But too much sleep makes me unproductive. The less I sleep, the grumpier I get, the less attention I pay to the stuff I am supposed to. Therefore, I should put my sleeping schedule on the top priorities next year and not getting too much sleep too because it makes me super lazy for the rest of the day. I cannot read all books in the world so I better choose wisely on what I read next year. Skimming and scanning may be the right techniques I should develop to decide the books I want to c