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9 Things I Learned in 2018

Hi there! This is going to be my last post this year :)

After writing and rewriting some drafts, I decided to make this as my last post in 2018. I hope everyone will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

So, here are 9 things I learned in 2018:

  • Thoughts are thoughts. And I should be the observer of my own mind.

Especially those irrational thoughts and fears. They're definitely the products of my brain and I should be in control of it.

  • Sleep is super important. But too much sleep makes me unproductive.

The less I sleep, the grumpier I get, the less attention I pay to the stuff I am supposed to. Therefore, I should put my sleeping schedule on the top priorities next year and not getting too much sleep too because it makes me super lazy for the rest of the day.

  • I cannot read all books in the world so I better choose wisely on what I read next year.

Skimming and scanning may be the right techniques I should develop to decide the books I want to continue reading.

  • What I believe is what matters.

Because what I believe is what I think, say and act on.

  • Writing can really help me discover myself.

Writing allows me to pour out my wildest thoughts and explore the backstory of those thoughts - and that's where I learn about myself.

"My secret corners, sometimes dark and sometimes light, which I only began to be aware of when I set them down on paper." - Paulo Coelho in his authorized biography.

  • Be good to everyone but choose whom to be put in the circle.

Not everyone who wants to be my friend should be entertained. I should be more careful in choosing friends because they will give me influences in the long-term.

"We do not move through our days alone or apart from the world around us. And so we must always be aware of the things and the people we allow into our lives." - Robin Sharma in his book "The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari".

  • The older I get, the simpler things I can be happy about.

Hearing dad jokes, getting a cup of tea, hugs, slow mornings, random talks, and so on. Those feelings when you feel grateful to be alive.

  • There are mysteries that could never be explained in this life.

The more I explore, the more questions that I can't find the answers too.

“We know that the mystery won't ever go away and so we learn to accept it, to live with it.” - Paulo Coelho in his book, "Brida".

  • I cannot always depend on my own memory and knowledge.

Sometimes I can be wrong, and being aware of it has made me understand the beauty of us human beings. A single human being may be unsure of himself every now and then but when they are together, having their own group of interests, they have successfully advanced the knowledge they have had from one century to another. Human beings believe in the future, and when they work on it together, it can be beautiful -or dangerous.

"The glory of man - to nurture and maintain knowledge." - Paulo Coelho in his book, "Brida".

As I end the year of 2018, I hope fears, disappointments, and bitterness I experienced this year will be a great redirection for myself next year, turning them to be my source of strengths. Have a blessed year ahead, everyone!


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