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I'm Back Lah ~

Alright, so this is the countless time already since I've tried to write new posts. Yes, I wrote so many drafts, and none of them are finished even only one article. Let's get to the point ;) This time, I will just gonna write whatever I think, shall I? :) So, today was another tiring but meaningful day of my ordinary day, working. I always try to learn something new each day. Oh, and by the way, I was starting my article about my first day of work, but yeah, it's still has not finished yet! Gotta upload it ASAP. Okay, back to the topic ;) This is my third week of my working life. Currently I'm working in a resorts venue, where tourists from all over the world come and stay to have a vacation or even just a staycation. This is what I'm gonna talk for the rest of this article. So basically, today I learned the difference of working life and studying life. In school, the teacher will generally assesses you from your homework and test results, and also your beh