I'm Back Lah ~

Alright, so this is the countless time already since I've tried to write new posts. Yes, I wrote so many drafts, and none of them are finished even only one article. Let's get to the point ;)

This time, I will just gonna write whatever I think, shall I? :)

So, today was another tiring but meaningful day of my ordinary day, working. I always try to learn something new each day. Oh, and by the way, I was starting my article about my first day of work, but yeah, it's still has not finished yet! Gotta upload it ASAP. Okay, back to the topic ;)

This is my third week of my working life. Currently I'm working in a resorts venue, where tourists from all over the world come and stay to have a vacation or even just a staycation. This is what I'm gonna talk for the rest of this article.

So basically, today I learned the difference of working life and studying life. In school, the teacher will generally assesses you from your homework and test results, and also your behavior. But in workplace, people will mostly don't care about you. They will not really pay attention to your good deed, or such. They don't really put any thoughts on you. Because in working life, you must stand up on yourself. You cannot and should not put too much hope or trust on other people. This actually also applied when you're still learning at school with friends and with teachers. But in working life, the result might be fatal if you put your trust on the wrong person. Yeah, it can be resulted on resignation or even dismissal from the company. And it's not just ended like that. It might also affected your future resume and other complicated, unexplainable things.

It's important for me to make friends with everyone especially in the place where I always be there, like everyday.. So far, I can get along with everybody, which makes everything seems easier. I mean like, when you're down (maybe because of the manager, the nasty guests, or else), you still have plenty of people who will give you a smile. It's a little thing indeed, but it means alot to me. I feel like I'm being accepted for where I am now, for whatever mistake I made during the work. It made me realize that I can actually do better in the future, because they're all still can smile at me after I did a mistake, so I think my mistake is a fixable mistake ;D

Yeah, that's just my funny logic, but who cares? All I've got to do is learn and try better next time. And for addition, it is much more better if you learnt it from other people's mistake than from your own mistake you did! Especially if you directly handling the guests. Hahaha. It's really challenging but you may learn a lot from it.

This is the end of my random thoughts for today. Have a good day!!


  1. Sipp,
    ditunggu update artikel dan tips menariknya Mbak
    terima kasih

    1. Hi, Wadiyo! Terima kasih sudah mampir :D

  2. Nice gila kennice blogger ������


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