I have a YouTube channel! Don't forget to subscribe, so you'll be noticed when I uploaded a new video!

If you wondering why you should subscribe to my YouTube channel, I will tell you why. Because you will:

1. get more information about drawing,

2. do many fun DIYs with me,

3. wider your knowledge,

4. see how I draw something! And

5. watch fun things I made, like stories, funny videos I recorded, stop motions I made, and many more!

So? What are you waiting for? Press the link below, and subscribe!

Kennice Setiadi on YouTube

What? You want another account to find me? It's a pleasure to me! Keep in touch with me on Instagram @kennicesetiadi or click the link below! You can also click on the pages line named 'Instagram'.

Kennice Setiadi on Instagram

Get in touch with me on LINE!

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